Check My Links

Check My Links is an extension for Google Chrome. It's designed to be a fast, little link checker that crawls through your webpage and identifies broken links.

It's developed primarily for web designers, developers, content editors, bloggers and whoever else has felt the pain of trying to find broken links on a page of content.

When used, Check My Links quickly finds all the links on a web page, and checks each one for you, highlighting which ones are valid and which ones are broken, simple as that.

HTTP response codes and full URLs of broken links are published in the Console log (Found in: 'Chrome > Tools > Javascript Console' or Ctrl+Shift+J).

More information on how to use the extension can be found on GitHub.


Support this extension by contributing towards its upkeep, every little donation helps.

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Release notes

Version 3.2: Added the option to choose the HTTP Request Type (HEAD or GET).

Version 3.1.2: Fixed blacklist (on the options page) not saving.

Version 3.0: You can now add custom entries to the exclusion list, allowing you manually set URLs you don't want to be indexed (see the extension's options page).

Version 2.3: Skips links when link relation (rel) attribute is set to "nofollow".

Version 2.2: Skips Google Adsense links.