Paul Livingstone

A designer and programmer, based in Scotland.


  2. My Falkirk
  3. Check My Links

Falkirk is one of 32 unitary authority council areas of Scotland. Falkirk Council provide over 600 distinct services to local residents (160k) and businesses.

The Council website is approximately 4k pages of HTML content and 2.5k PDF documents. It averages around 600k page views per month.

My Falkirk

My Falkirk is Falkirk Council's self-service portal for residents and businesses. It provides over 100 digital services, such as:

It also allows users to view their Council Tax, Rent and Benefit accounts.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a Google Chrome Extension that validates hyperlinks on webpages.

I published the source code on GitHub in 2012 and managed the project for 5 years. I built it with fellow web content editors in mind, but it became popular with SEO professionals and eventually had over 190k users.

The project was acquired by a web auditing/SEO company in 2017. I no longer participate in its development or support.